50 Stories from Russia’s Greatest Authors
50 Stories from Russia’s Greatest Authors

50 Stories from Russia’s Greatest Authors - Александр Пушкин

Возрастное ограничение:
Александр Пушкин
Мультимедийное издательство Стрельбицкого
Русская классика
ISBN Литрес:
Peter Coates
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Аудио книга

"This audiobook collects a magnificent set of works by Russian classical authors: Alexander Pushkin, Nikolai Gogol, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Anton Chekhov, Leo Tolstoy, Mikhail Bulgakov, Leonid Andreyev, Maxim Gorky, Ivan Turgenev, Aleksandr Kuprin. Each original story, springing from a common creative heritage, delivers a glimpse of the immortal Russian Soul and has influenced modern literary trends. These stories are interesting to their core and will bring pleasure to readers and listener alike. Get ready to immerse yourself within these immortal works that have long been counted among the best of classic world literature. Fyodor Dostoyevsky – THE DREAM OF A RIDICULOUS MAN NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE AND THE WEDDING Ivan Turgenev – MUMU FIRST LOVE THE DISTRICT DOCTOR Aleksandr Kuprin – THE OUTRAGE Alexander Pushkin - THE QUEEN OF SPADES Leo Tolstoy – A LETTER TO A HINDU THE DEATH OF IVAN ILYICH GOD SEES THE TRUTH, BUT WAITS A RUSSIAN CHRISTMAS PARTY Anton Chekhov – THE WIFE THE SLANDER THE HORSE-STEALERS THE PETCHENYEG A DEAD BODY A HAPPY ENDING THE LOOKING-GLASS OLD AGE DARKNESS THE BEGGAR IN TROUBLE FROST MINDS IN FERMENT GONE ASTRAY THE AVENGER THE JEUNE PREMIER A DEFENCELESS CREATURE AN ENIGMATIC NATURE A HAPPY MAN A TROUBLESOME VISITOR AN ACTOR'S END VANKA A COUNTRY COTTAGE FAT AND THIN NERVES THE DOCTOR ABOUT LOVE A LOTTERY TICKET Leonid Andreyev – THE LITTLE ANGEL LAZARUS Maxim Gorky – ONE AUTUMN NIGHT HER LOVER Mikhail Bulgakov – THE EMBROIDERED TOWEL Nikolai Gogol – CHRISTMAS EVE THE NOSE A MAY NIGHT THE CLOAK THE VIY"

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